MEDIA BLACKOUT: Here’s the Stunning Truth About Muslim Woman Kicked Out of Trump Rally

Heres the Stunning Truth About Muslim Woman Kicked Out of Trump Rally

When CNN interviewed a Muslim protester who was ejected from a Donald Trump campaign event last week, it was news. However, when it was revealed that CNN had interviewed the protester before she was ejected, it quickly became clear that it was a setup.

The protester, Rose Hamid,was ejected from a Trump rally in South Carolina on Friday after she stood up behind Trump wearing a shirt that said, “Salam, I come in peace.” The 56-year-old flight attendant also had on something that looked like a yellow Star of David, much like the symbol Nazi Germany made Jews wear during the Third Reich.

Not very subtle, one would say. Neither was the fact that CNN — later to publicize Hamid’s story more widely than any other network — somehow managed to find her in the crowd before the event, where she gave what seemed to be a fairly well-rehearsed interview.

“I figured that most Trump supporters probably never met a Muslim, so I figured that I’d give them the opportunity to meet one,” she told CNN. “I really don’t plan to say anything. I don’t want to be disrespectful but if he says something that I feel needs answering I might — we’ll just see what strikes me.”

(Trump supporters might not meet many Muslims, but they see plenty of protesters. The left has made showing up at Trump’s rallies a priority so far this election season.)

When Hamid and her husband were escorted out, her husband claimed a Trump supporter yelled out, “You have a bomb, you have a bomb!” CNN was (yet again) there to interview Hamid.

“The ugliness really came out fast and that’s really scary,” Hamid said. Yeah, in a situation where you engineer things to get a nasty response, it does tend to unfold like that.

And that’s not all. While CNN called Hamid a “silently protesting Muslim,” Breitbart discovered she was actually an activist with a long history of anti-Israeli sentiments. As president of the Muslim Women of the Carolinas, she’s consistently called Palestinian terrorists “resistance” against an Israeli “occupation.”

It’s bad enough that CNN is a shill for the Democrat Party. We’ve come to expect that after 30-plus years of mediocrity.

However, this is a new all-time low for the network. When the facts didn’t match up with its agenda, CNN simply made up the news itself.

If any CNN execs are reading this and are wondering why the only reason anyone watches their channel is that a) they’re stuck in an airport departure lounge or b) to see which sub-Saharan satrapy Anthony Bourdain is getting drunk in this week — well, there you go.

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