Marine Goes Viral After Telling Flag Burners to Meet Him “Face to Face”… Cowards Refuse to Show Up

Marine Goes Viral After Telling Flag Burners to Meet Him Face to Face Cowards Refuse to Show Up

When Marine Corps veteran Eric Post learned that a group of residents in his town of Portland, Oregon, planned to meet on Inauguration Day to burn the American flag, he invited them to show up at Oregon’s Willamette National Cemetery two days later for a meaningful discussion and debate.

Not surprisingly, not a single flag-burning coward appeared for the debate.

According to the Independent Journal Review, the controversy began when Post stumbled upon a despicable Facebook page advertising an “Inauguration Day Flag Burning Extravaganza.”

Troubled by what he saw and read on the page, Post reportedly decided to head out to the meeting site to confront the protesters. Along the way, he chose instead to stop at Willamette National Cemetery to collect his thoughts and share a video message for the protesters.

“I’m disappointed. Most importantly, I’m ashamed for the people that are buried here,” he said in the video, referencing the protesters’ plan. “I know I can’t speak for all of them, but I know I can speak for many of them and many of the family members when I say, ‘That’s disgusting.’”

He then invited the protesters to meet him at the cemetery Sunday: “If you feel like it’s your right to burn the flag, OK, maybe you can meet me up here sometime and we can take a tour and you can learn a little bit about sacrifice and pride and honor.”




Of course none of the cowardly, ignorant and disrespectful flag burners showed up Sunday, and why would they have?  Truth, dignity, honor and integrity meant nothing to them. They were delinquents, in their grimy hearts and their atrocious actions.

However, this did not stop others from showing up. So many arrived to speak with Post, in fact, that he wound up having to deliver a speech to all of them instead of speaking with them individually.

A recording of this speech may be seen below:

“The problem that I personally have is when somebody looks at that flag and doesn’t understand the complexity of what it actually is,” he said. “For a loved one, that flag covered the coffin of a loved one coming home. They (the protesters) don’t understand that.”

Despite claiming to be kind, loving and tolerant, liberals routinely demonstrate that they are heartless. The irony is that the more liberals showcase their true colors, the less the rest of the American people — many of whom are independent voters — support them and their causes.

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