How many rioting morons actually voted? And will ONE brilliant suggestion get them to stop?


The riots following Donald Trump‘s election to the White House have intensified and expanded. Not only is the president-elect the object of the rioters’ venom, but they’ve added Trump supporters and even law enforcement to their kill list.

Fox News Channel personality Geraldo Rivera found one note of irony in the spectacle.

“The bitter irony of all of what’s going on here is that the cities where they are venting their rage are all cities that went overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton,” he observed.

Those cities included Atlanta, Salt Lake City, Washington D.C., Phoenix and Portland, Oregon.

“So presumably they are destroying the property of people who are aligned with them politically.”

Riots also took place in Vice President-elect Mike Pence‘s home state of Indiana, where two Indianapolis police officers were injured by rock-throwing protesters.

In addition to screaming their messages, they scrawled them on walls.

People took to social media to record the scenes.

In Portland, Oregon, a pregnant woman experiencing an emergency was attacked and beaten by the mob. Instead of assisting her, a local reporter recorded the assault.

Never at a loss for words, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke called them out for what they were: “Goon anarchists.”

In addition to being predominately Democratic-run, most of the cities witnessing riots shared another trait.

Even the messages of those peacefully demonstrating was off-kilter.

One person offered a humorous suggestion to quell the rioting. Brilliant suggestion.

Numerous Craig’s List ads surfaced offering high-paying jobs to protest the election, and thoughts immediately turned to far-left billionaire financier George Soros.

On the night of the election, far-left columnist and CNN political commentator Sally Kohn made this bold prediction:

Boy did she have that one wrong!

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