Man Scales Wall of Zoo to Avoid $19 Entrance Fee… Ends Up in WRONG Pit

Man Scales Wall of Zoo to Avoid 19 Entrance Fee Ends Up in WRONG Pit

A Chinese man made the wrong choice when he decided he would scale a zoo wall to avoid paying an entrance fee.

The BBC reported that a statement released by the Youngor Wildlife Park in Ningbo, China, said the man, identified only as Zhang, climbed two nine-foot-tall walls Sunday only to end up in an enclosure where tigers were kept.

One of the tigers mauled Zhang to death.

A video of the incident showed a tiger dragging the man covered in blood around in its compound.

One tiger was shot and killed as zoo staff tried to save the man.

By the time Zhang was rescued an hour later, he was seriously wounded. Authorities took him to a hospital where he later died of his injuries.

The Ningbo Oriental Fortune Lake Tourism District Management Group, which oversees the zoo, issued a statement that Zhang, and a friend, identified by the surname Li, came to the zoo with their families.

Family members had reportedly bought tickets but the men had not. The adult entrance fee to the zoo costs up to 130 yuan, which is about $19

The U.K. Telegraph reported that Zhang scaled the wall but his friend stayed behind.

The zoo was closed to visitors after the attack.

The South China Morning Post reported that Zhang, 40, was from Hubei. His family reportedly described him as an “underprivileged employee.”

Footage of the attack can be seen below (WARNING: Some viewers may be disturbed by this content):

Many people who go to look at wildlife under what appear to be controlled circumstances don’t realize how deadly the animals can be.

This man’s death is such a tragedy, and it should serve as a warning to anyone who might think it’s a good idea to not follow rules posted at a zoo or wildlife park.

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