Man Refuses To Let Lady Use Bathroom In Hotel… Then Trump Walks Up


We all know the Donald Trump that gets presented on the campaign trail. Brash. Outspoken. Unwilling to bow to political correctness. We’ve also seen how Donald Trump is portrayed during the media: successful, self-promoting and unashamed to admit it.

How is he in real life, though? Sandra Kischuk thinks she knows, and in a post on Quora, she let America know just what the real Trump is like.

Who’s Sandra Kischuk? Well, she’s a self-described writer, editor and life coach. Perhaps most importantly for us, though, she’s someone whose friends had a firsthand experience with The Donald and decided to share it with the world.

In a post written Dec. 21, she described the encounter.

“A friend of mine told me that he and his wife were in NYC,” Kischuk wrote. “His wife was desperate for a bathroom and when she tried to go into a hotel, the doorman refused to let her in.”

That was, until Mr. Trump entered the picture.

“Donald came out, noticed her, and asked if she had a problem,” she continued. “This man and his wife explained that she needed a bathroom … and Donald told the doorman that it was OK for them to go into the hotel (after all, it was HIS hotel) and opened the door for them. My friend was amazed at how gracious, compassionate and ‘real’ he was.”

That’s not the first time Donald Trump has been seen by someone as being real and humble. Take this video, where he stopped his daily routine to chat with a little girl who had come out to greet him.

Or this rally in Baton Rouge, where he took time out of his busy schedule to … sign a toddler?

And of course, who could forget that time he was caught on video helping a lost kid find his way around a hotel at Christmastime?

That’s what America loves about Donald Trump: he may be brash on the outside, but he’s very human on the inside.

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