Major Clinton Donor’s Company Is Named “Biggest Corporate Tax Avoider” … Look Who It Is


A report published this week by several watchdog groups revealed Apple Inc. to be the biggest tax avoider in the United States, with the company having stashed at least $214 billion in offshore accounts during 2015 alone.

Available for review at the Web site for Citizens for Tax Justice, the report also made it abundantly clear that Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton was a hypocrite.

Why? Because Apple CEO Tim Cook happened to be one of her top donors. In August, for instance, he hosted a $50,000-a-ticket fundraiser for her, according to The Daily Caller.

Yet on her Web site, Clinton excoriated U.S. corporations for doing the very same thing that her top donor has been shown to have done.

“Congress should act immediately to prevent corporations from engaging in inversions, where businesses move their corporate residence abroad on paper in order to escape paying their fair share of taxes,” the site read.

If she truly believed that, why was she accepting money from a guy who enhanced his wealth via those same inversion schemes?

Specifically, Apple reportedly set up three offshore subsidiaries in Ireland, where it has been able to get away with paying only 4.6 percent in taxes. According to Clinton’s own logic, this made Cook a crook (at least he’d be that if Congress acted) — and herself a benefactor of his crookery.

But the American people would be mistaken if they expected the liberal media to call Clinton out on this hypocrisy, because their logic goes like this:

“Wealthy business owners who use legal means to avoid paying taxes are crooks … unless, of course, they use their profits to fund the Democrat politicians we support.”

The massive hypocrisy of everyone involved, from the liberal media to Tim Cook and Hillary Rodham Clinton, ought to nauseate every American. What is happening here is wrong.

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