Mainstream Media Blackout After ID of “Trump Fan” Who Attacked Hillary ID’d as Democrat


A raging Ohio State University student who shoved an anti-Trump protester down a flight of stairs Monday evening has been revealed as an avid supporter of failed 2016 Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

“He is actually a Hillary supporter,” the student’s friend Drew Riedel wrote on Facebook Tuesday, adding that the assailant Shane Michael Stanton also happened to be autistic.

“I actually personally know the assailant, and he is NOT a terrible person,” Riedel added. “Not by a long shot. He is part of the DD community (developmental disabilities) as he has Asperger’s and has worked really hard to adjust/socialize into the Ohio State community.”

The post may be viewed below:

According to The Washington Post, the story went viral after a video of the altercation was uploaded to the Internet by the university’s student newspaper, The Lantern.

That video can be seen below (WARNING: GRAPHIC):

Thanks to the kindness of the victim, Timothy Adams, the assailant will not be facing any charges.

“Since last night it has become clear that my assault was not politically motivated in the way that we previously thought, nor was it committed by a Trump supporter,” he wrote on Facebook Tuesday. “At this time I am working to drop the charges against the person in question.”

Despite this, many media outlets were either trying to bury the story or paint Stanton as a psychotic Trump supporter.

Take for instance the liberal rag Salon, which posted an article Tuesday with the headline, “‘Violent’ anti-Donald Trump protests met with violence from Trump supporters.” By Wednesday morning, that patently false headline had still not been corrected.


Likewise, The Washington Post had buried its own story so deep that some readers were reportedly unable to find it unless they searched for it specifically.


The irony is rich …

Last weekend, liberal comedian and hack commentator John Oliver slammed alternative media sites such as Conservative Tribune for peddling fake news, apparently unaware that writers at the Tribune diligently source and confirm every single fact they publish.

If Oliver has even a shred of a intellectual honesty, he will call Salon and other likeminded rags out for their lies regarding Shane Michael Stanton. But since he lacks both intellect and candor (not to mention U.S. citizenship), he will of course say nothing.

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