Mad Dog Mattis May be Getting the Freedom He Needs to Destroy ISIS

Mad Dog Mattis May be Getting the Freedom He Needs to Destroy ISIS

President Donald Trump vowed on the campaign trail that he would unleash the United States military and give our brave men and women whatever they need to win the war against the Islamic State terror group.

Trump appears to be following through on those promises, giving the Pentagon a 30-day limit (which just ended) to come up with a plan to defeat the terror group. Now it appears that Trump is considering something quite drastic to give the military more flexibility, The Daily Beast reported.

Reportedly Trump is considering giving Secretary of Defense James Mattis the freedom to launch special operations raids without the approval of the White House.

This shocking change would give the military the freedom it needs to conduct time-sensitive missions without having to wait for politicians to debate the operations for hours.

The Washington Free Beacon noted that President Barack Obama’s approval process for raids would sometimes take days, which frustrated military commanders who knew just how time-sensitive these raids were.

In active war zones, military commanders are free to make decisions about special operations raids without consulting the White House, but in places like Yemen, where the United States is not officially engaged in combat, commanders must get permission from higher up to launch potentially deadly raids, the Washington Examiner reported.

Giving Mattis the authority to launch special operations raids against the Islamic State terror group and other terror organizations could potentially speed up the war on terror and lead to some significant victories for America.

Trump has already shown that he is willing to do whatever it takes to defeat radical Islamic terrorism. Should Trump follow through on this idea, it would be his boldest step to date in following through on his campaign promise to make America safe again.

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