Look At The Difference Between March For Life And Anti-Trump Protests

Look At The Difference Between March For Life And Anti-Trump Protests

On Friday, the annual March for Life was held in Washington, D.C. This year’s march gained more attention than usual as it was a week after some very violent protests on Inauguration Day.

Unlike the Inauguration Day protests, the March for Life protest was entirely peaceful. No windows were broken, no limousines were set on fire and the National Guard wasn’t called out to subdue rioting anarchists.

Think those details appeared on the front page of CNN? Think again.

Unlike the Jan. 21 march of women protesting the election of President Donald Trump, the media didn’t have wall-to-wall coverage of the March for Life. There was very little discussion about how many people actually attended the event — a sure sign that it was many more than the liberal media would have liked.

Another key difference? At the March for Life, none of the keynote speakers went on stage and talking about blowing up those who disagreed with them or went on profanity laced rants because they were so triggered.

“Let your gentleness be evident to all. Let this movement be known for love, compassion not anger, confrontation,” said Vice President Mike Pence during an address at the March for Life.

You can see his comments here:

Just contrast the imagery for a minute — one protest featured “proud” women dressing themselves as vaginas and dropping F-bombs all over the place, and the other protest was peaceful, with people carrying signs and comporting themselves like reasonable adults.

While the media loved to talk about all the women who showed up to proclaim that they were pro-choice, the media barely noted how many women came out on Friday to say that they were pro-life.

In this country we all have a right to protest, regardless of our political beliefs, but protesting and rioting are two different things.

Maybe if the liberal media would condemn the rioters who are more concerned with destroying things than changing anything, there wouldn’t be so much violence. Instead, the media splashes the violent images everywhere, while ignoring the true peaceful protests, which only encourages more violent protests as the best way to garner media attention.

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Source: conservativetribune.com