London’s Muslim Mayor Made Eerie Statement in ’16 Prophesying Parliament Attack

Londons Muslim Mayor Made Eerie Statement in 16 Prophesying Parliament Attack

After the bombings in New York and New Jersey bombings by an Islamic terrorist last September, London Mayor Sadiq Khan, a Muslim, issued a disturbing statement claiming that acts of radical Islamic terrorism — such as the one that rocked England’s Parliament Square on Wednesday — were a “part and parcel” of big city life.

“It is a reality, I’m afraid, that London, New York, other major cities around the world have got to be prepared for these sorts of things,” Khan told the London Evening Standard at the time. “That means being vigilant, having a police force that is in touch with communities. It means the security services being ready, but also it means exchanging ideas and best practice.”

What Khan basically said was that contending with Islamic terrorism is a normal part of life in the West now, so people had better get used to it.

Liberals have since tried to argue otherwise, claiming that Khan had merely been reaffirming his commitment to protecting his constituents. But that was bull, and one person who recognized it was Donald Trump Jr., son of U.S. President Donald Trump:

Even without Wednesday’s attack, which left two civilians, a police officer and the terrorist dead, Khan’s statement was highly inappropriate. Saying that people should simply accept terrorism as a part of modern life was equivalent to saying that women should accept the possibility of being raped as normal because, unfortunately, sometimes it happens.

Consider also that the London mayor is a member of the very same religion known for carrying the majority of the world’s terror attacks. According to Middle Eastern scholar Daniel Pipes, over 27,000 acts of radical Islamic terrorism have been carried out since the 9/11 attacks, dwarfing the number of terror attacks committed worldwide by non-Islamic groups, as noted by The Stream.

And this is not an “alternative fact” or an opinion — this is an indisputable truth.

Here’s the truth: Terrorism should never be “part and parcel” of modern life, whether in the big city or the rural countryside. And the fact that the London mayor believed otherwise makes it clear that he really should not be in any position of authority.

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