Literally “Massive” Find in China Devastates Those Who Say Noah’s Ark Wasn’t Real

Literally Massive Find in China Devastates Those Who Say Noahs Ark Wasnt Real

Though the liberal media and scientists who share their biased worldview are loathe to admit it, some scientists in China just made a huge discovery that seemed to corroborate a major biblical story.

According to WND, archaeologists in China have uncovered children’s bones and layers of sediment in the Yellow River Valley that suggested a massive flood washed through the region roughly 4,000 years ago. The estimated time of the flood was determined through radiocarbon dating and soil samples.

That would put the date of the major flood at around 2,000 B.C., or roughly around the same time when many Christians believe the biblical story in Genesis of Noah’s Ark and the Great Flood occurred.

To be sure, there is actually a legend in China regarding a massive flood in its ancient history, one which “deluged settlements, spilled over hills and mountains and even reached the heavens.”

According to legend, the waters only receded due to one man named Yu digging large ditches to funnel the waters away. Consequently, the man became the ruler known as Yu the Great and is believed to be the founder of China’s first major dynasty, the Xia, though there is little actual evidence to support that claim.

The researchers published their findings in the journal Science, showing that much of China was submerged under floodwaters at that point in time, floodwaters which were unleashed following a massive earthquake that triggered a landslide which temporarily dammed a major waterway. The dam eventually gave way and spilled some 4 trillion gallons of water across the country, which submerged virtually everything.

It is worth noting that these findings, combined with the ancient Chinese legend of a great flood, are in line with similar stories and evidence from widely varied countries and cultures all across the globe, as was recently pointed out by creationist Ken Ham.

“Whether it’s the American Indians or the Fijians, Hawaiians, the Eskimos, Australian Aborigines … back to the Babylonians, there are flood legends in cultures all over the world,” Ham said in an interview with One News Now.

“And this particular flood legend from China — when you read it — it talks about it was basically a global flood, the way it was described. And there was a man in particular associated with that flood,” he continued.

“There are thousands of feet of flood sediment all over the globe — evidence of a catastrophic global flood — and (most researchers are) not prepared to look at that because they’ve been indoctrinated to believe that that was laid down over millions of years,” Ham added, explaining why scientists were so averse to linking their findings with the biblical story of the flood.

Though scientists may never “officially” declare their findings to be solid evidence of the biblical Great Flood, those with an understanding and ability to review the evidence themselves may reach that conclusion on their own.

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