Limbaugh: It Took Trump To Show The GOP What Could Be Possible


In the wake of president-elect Donald Trump’s victory Tuesday night, talk show host Rush Limbaugh suggested that the Trump formula for victory had been overlooked by the political class.

“If there is a lesson for the GOP, this victory has been there all along; you could have this victory in 2008. We could have had this victory in 2012. But it’s obvious and apparent now that many in the Republican Party never thought this was possible and they really didn’t think it was possible with Donald Trump,” Limbaugh said.

Limbaugh has noted before that Trump’s allure for voters was not that he had a pure Republican or conservative perspective on the issues, but rather he vaulted across ideological boundaries to focus on what matters to voters.

“There hasn’t been any significant improvement in the economic status of the middle class in many, many years,” Limbaugh said. “And yet the smart people — the establishment, the elites, the special people, whatever you want to call them — look at what they have done.”

During the campaign, Limbaugh said the response to Trump was based on the public finally hearing someone speak in a language they understood.

“It’s what Trump represents. It’s the opportunity …  It’s the voice that they haven’t had. It’s the voice that hasn’t been listened to,” he said. “It’s the voice that they’ve been shouting but nobody’s been doing anything but making fun of them for speaking. It’s perfectly understandable.”

Limbaugh noted that Trump did not niche-market his message, unlike other political candidates.

“One thing we can say for certain: Donald Trump didn’t reach out to Hispanics to win this election, and he won the election. He didn’t reject them; he went to everybody. He treated people as human beings. We’re all Americans. We have similar values because we’re Americans. It doesn’t matter what our skin color is or gender or orientation. That’s why he won. He didn’t group-ify things, which is what both political parties have become,” he said.

Limbaugh noted that Trump has now given the Republicans the keys to govern, with all of the challenges that entails.

“So now we have the House, and now we have the Senate, and now we have the White House — and now we have no excuses. There aren’t any excuses anymore. The Republican Party has been given the full reins of this government in this country, and there is a mandate behind it,” he said.

Limbaugh drew a clear moral from the rage Americans brought with them to the polling place on Tuesday.

“Big Government was told to take a hike last night just like Big Government was told to take a hike in the Brexit vote. Last night, yesterday, was a total repudiation of Big Government. It was a total repudiation of the Obama presidency and every aspect of it,” he said.

The talk show host also gleefully pondered the fact that so much was invested in the Clinton campaign, and yet so little was achieved.

“All these people that donated gazillions of dollars to Hillary and Bill’s foundation — buying policy, whatever they thought they were getting by donating to Hillary — what do they do now? Do they want their money back? What are they gonna get for it? Do you realize the angst that there must be?” he asked.

One thing stood clear in the election, Limbaugh said.

“There is so, so much that is beautiful and American and Americana that is still worth believing in and still worth promoting and still worth fighting for, and all of this was demonstrated last night,” he said.

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