Limbaugh Claims the United States Is Verging on a Constitutional Crisis

Limbaugh Claims the United States Is Verging on a Constitutional Crisis

The United States is on the verge of clash at the highest levels of government, and it’s all thanks to a liberal federal district court judge who won’t allow President Donald Trump to defend the nation he has sworn to serve.

That was the take from conservative media giant Rush Limbaugh on Friday as he reacted to the news that Trump’s second executive order on immigration from terror-prone countries was being ground down in federal courts.

“We are on the verge of a genuine constitutional crisis because of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals opening the door for this Hawaii Obama-appointed judge to deny Trump’s travel ban the second time going,” Limbaugh said.

What is the left really doing here? They’re trying to run the country with leftovers from former President Barack Obama’s presidency, despite having soundly lost last year’s election. Have a president you don’t like? Pretend he’s not there!

That carries with it incredibly dangerous long-term ramifications.

Limbaugh made some of them clear on Friday — especially the hazards of the judiciary interfering with powers the Constitution grants to the executive branch.

“Let’s say that Donald Trump decides at any time in the near future that he needs to deploy troops, and so he does, and so a leftist activist goes to a court, shops and finds a judge, like the guy in Hawaii, and claims that Trump said during the campaign that he was gonna do X, Y or Z, whatever, and the deployment of troops is not really for the stated purpose, and the judge could shut it down,” said Limbaugh.

“If the Supreme Court doesn’t overturn this,” Limbaugh continued, “or if Trump doesn’t just ignore it like Andrew Jackson did, then we’re getting to the point where the president, because of the judiciary, will have totally lost constitutional authority to defend the country because of this little ruling in Hawaii that was made possible by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.”

Look. Trump won the election. Republicans in the House and Senate won — and won by such a margin that some folks are still scratching their heads about it better than four months after the fact.

We cannot permit these left-leaning holdovers to hold our country hostage.

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