Libs Speechless After ID of Man Making Anti-Jewish Bomb Threats Gets Revealed

Libs Speechless After ID of Man Making Anti-Jewish Bomb Threats Gets Revealed

After weeks of arrogantly assuming that the perpetrator behind a hash of recent bomb threats against Jewish centers and schools was a supporter of President Donald Trump, the liberal media now have egg on their face.

It turned out that the man behind these threats was allegedly a disgraced left-wing fake news reporter who was terminated from The Intercept two months ago after it was “discovered that he had fabricated sources and quotes in his articles.”

Moreover, alleged perpetrator Juan Thompson loathed Trump, to the point where that last month he reportedly claimed on Twitter that the president wanted to ethnically cleanse South Side Chicago of its black residents.

Take a look:

If Thompson was a Trump supporter, then former President Barack Obama was Santa Clause.

Judging by the man’s other Twitter statements, it appeared he was actually a Democrat — one who voted for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders during last year’s Democrat primary contest.

What remained unknown was whether Thompson was an actual anti-Semite, i.e., someone with genuine hatred in his heart for the Jewish people. The evidence suggested otherwise.

According to the New York Daily News, Thompson’s bomb threats against various Jewish facilities appeared to have been motivated primarily by his desire to stick it to an ex-girlfriend.

“The suspect invoked his ex-girlfriend’s name in making four of the bomb threats, the FBI said in court papers,” reported the Daily News. “In the other four, he used his own name — and then accused her of trying to frame him.”

These threats were reportedly just one part of a months-long cyberstalking campaign that he had waged against the woman, according to authorities. It all began in July of 2016, after she dumped him. However, what initially started as just emails to her employer claiming she was an anti-Semite suffering from a sexually-transmitted disease soon morphed into a full-blown campaign to destroy her image and her life.

Overall, it seems as if Thompson’s actions were tied more to his desire to hurt his ex than it was to any sort of actual anti-Semitism, though this fact does not excuse the left for its phony attacks against Trump, as was noted by The Daily Wire editor Ben Shapiro.

“Still, it’s evidence that while the left-wing media constantly accuses the right of jumping to conclusions about terrorism and ignoring right-wing terror involvement, the left has a major blind spot for its own extremists,” he wrote.

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