Libs Outraged Over Heterosexual Easter Commercial

Libs Outraged Over Heterosexual Easter Commercial

A British retail giant is taking the brunt of a major attack by liberals upset by an Easter campaign that featured a “traditional” family.

According to the U.K. Express, the Easter Bunny family featured in the HEMA advertising campaign included father, Charles; mother, Juliette; and their children Richard and Innez. The commercial showed the celebrity rabbit family answering questions about Easter, the job of hiding Easter eggs and participating in a photo shoot.

But the traditional family scenario doesn’t seem to sit well with some people, who call the ad “too heterosexual” and even “sexist.”

Critic Chantal Coolsma, who said she was homosexual, according to the Express, explained why she was offended by the ad campaign.

“Who says that the Easter Bunny is heterosexual?” she asked. “As a child, I grew up with the image of a single Easter Bunny who hid Easter eggs. Why must there suddenly now be a family involved?”

But Arnold Drijver, a spokesman for the Netherlands-based retailer, didn’t understand what all the fuss is about. He responded to the criticism with a lighthearted response, explaining that the campaign isn’t about sexual orientation and should not be viewed as such.

“HEMA is happy that the Easter Bunny family wanted to cooperate with the Easter campaign,” Drijver said, according to the Express. “Besides that, the Easter Bunny family and HEMA especially want to make it a happy Easter celebration for children.”

Watch the “controversial” ad below:

It’s just sad that some people are determined to twist a beloved childhood tradition to make a social statement about sexuality.

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