Libs at NYT Admit Trump Didn’t Win by “Whitelash”… Instead Convinced Obama Voters To Turn

Libs at NYT Admit Trump Didnt Win by Whitelash Instead Convinced Obama Voters To Turn

One of the most liberal newspapers in America has finally admitted the real reasons behind President Donald Trump’s stunning victory over Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton in last year’s election, and not shockingly the reasons had nothing to do with alleged Russian hacking or so-called “whitelash.”

“(I)t’s clear that large numbers of white, working-class voters shifted from the Democrats to Mr. Trump,” The New York Times‘ Nate Cohn wrote. “Overall, almost one in four of President (Barack) Obama’s 2012 white working-class supporters defected from the Democrats in 2016, either supporting Mr. Trump or voting for a third-party candidate.”

Considering that these Democrats had previously voted for Obama, they evidently weren’t racists, let alone the hateful monsters liberals presume all Republicans to be. So why then had they suddenly decided to support the Republican nominee?

“(T)he big driver of (Trump’s) gains was persuasion: He flipped millions of white working-class Obama supporters to his side,” Cohn explained. “The voter file data makes it impossible to avoid this conclusion. It’s not just that the electorate looks far too Democratic. In many cases, turnout cannot explain Mrs. Clinton’s losses.”

What happened was that though turnout actually spiked in Democrat strongholds, Clinton nevertheless lost these districts because their formerly liberal-leaning residents had been persuaded to cast their votes for Trump.

But again, this persuasion had nothing to do with racial resentment. As noted by the Los Angeles Times, it centered on concerns about the economy.

“This area lacks quality jobs,” said Jim Haggery, a Forty Fort, Pennsylvania, resident who voted for Trump last year after having voted for Obama twice. “We’ve got blue collar, after blue collar, after blue collar.”

And there you have it. Had Clinton focused on meaningful economic policies instead of obsessing over all the wrong things — Black Lives Matter, illegal immigrants, “social justice,” etc. — she might conceivably have won.

But she didn’t, and no amount of blaming her failures on Russian hacking or racism will change that.

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