Libs Freak After Hearing Trump Nat. Security Adviser’s Quotes on Islam


As President-elect Donald Trump sets about naming members of his cabinet and advisory team during the transition period, liberals are unsurprisingly launching vicious attacks against the individuals he has chosen thus far, because of things those individuals have said in the past.

One of those would be retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency and staunch opponent of radical Islamism, who has been named Trump’s national security adviser, and who is now being broadly smeared as an “Islamaphobe,” as seen here at Heavy.

One particular quote from Flynn that liberals have taken great issue with was his assertion during a speech in August that “Islam is a political ideology” that hides behind the veil of being a religion, also likening it to a “cancer,” according to The Dallas Morning News.

“Islam is a political ideology, it is a political ideology. It definitely hides behind this notion of it being a religion,” Flynn told a crowd in Dallas in August. “And I have a very, very tough time because I don’t see a lot of people screaming ‘Jesus Christ’ with hatchets or machetes or rifles shooting up clubs or hatcheting, literally axing families on a train.”

Check out parts of the speech and an MSNBC interview with Flynn interview here.

Flynn was correct in pointing out that we rarely see despicable violence carried out in the name of Jesus Christ as we do with Islam, and the handful of examples liberals will point to — usually in war-torn regions of Africa — are typically in response to violent provocations already launched against them by Islamists seeking to subjugate them.

Gen. Flynn is right in his summation, and whether liberals like it or not, this kind of bold and clear thinking about those who have declared war on America and Western civilization as a whole is sorely needed after the past eight years of being glossed over and ignored by the current administration.

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