Libs Attack Muslim Woman After She Admits Voting for Trump

Libs Attack Muslim Woman After She Admits Voting for Trump

Liberals often purport to be champions of minorities, but the way they treated 51-year-old Muslim non-Caucasian immigrant Asra Nomani after she admitted publicly that she had voted for GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump last year belies the idea completely.

“I was told ‘eff off, go to hell’ by a liberal feminist professor of peace and security studies at Georgetown University,” Nomani revealed during a recent interview with The Daily Caller. “There were allegations that I was a traitor and had betrayed Muslims and women in America.”

“That’s when I really got my first window into the real intolerance of the tolerance-loving left,” she added.

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In another interview — this one with Breitbart — she expounded further on this idea of an intolerant left.

“I have to say, I’m naive in a bit, and I really believed the arguments of those who are liberal, saying that they are all about peace and love and tolerance, and didn’t really understand this distinction with the dangerous left,” she explained.

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This is not to say she rejects the left as a whole. No rational conservative would ever impugn an entire collection of people just because of the idiocy practiced by a few, especially if other members of the group do make some legitimate arguments from time to time. The problem is that in this case, “a few” practicing idiocy actually translates to far, far, far too many.

“(T)here’s important principles of liberalism that are significant, but the left has, unfortunately, hijacked liberals in America and created this intolerance,” Nomani warned during her Daily Caller interview.

She was right. The modern left has been hijacked by an overwhelming brigade of intolerant bigots hellbent on utilizing “any means necessary,” as Nomani dubbed it, to achieve their desired results, including violence.

“For all of the important, albeit hyperbolic, conversations about ‘white supremacists’ and the ‘alt-right,’ we would be well served to confront the very real reality of a dangerous dynamic of liberals in an ‘honor brigade’ who lash out aggressively at others with the false claim they are defending the ‘honor’ of American values of tolerance, diversity and pluralism,” she pointed out in a column earlier this month for The Hill.

Exactly. Here’s the truth: Actions speak louder than words, and the left’s intolerant and often mean-inspirited antics have proven that its claims to tolerance and openness are false.

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