These Liberals Want You To Swap Babies To Defeat Racism

These Liberals Want You To Swap Babies To Defeat Racism

For years, liberals have been coming up with new and creative ways to end racism in society — each more absurd than the last. However, their latest idea to end racism takes the cake for the most insane idea ever.

Howard Rachlin, a professor of psychology at Stony Brook University in New York, and Marvin Franke, a professor of psychology at Sarah Lawrence College, also in New York, have proposed in an op-ed they wrote for Aeon that children should be randomly assigned to families as a way to end racism.

No, seriously. These guys actually believe that giving your own child to a random stranger has the potential to end racism.

“The superficial connection between color and culture would be severed. Racism would be wiped out. Racial ghettos would disappear; children of all races would live in all neighborhoods. Any white child could have black parents and any black child could have white parents,” the two professors wrote.

This grand idea is that if children were just randomly handed out, kind of like candy at a parade, then racism would disappear because all of a sudden “genetic chauvinism” would no longer exist because there wouldn’t be racial/social/economic barriers.

“Genetic chauvinism lives on very strongly in our culture. Modern fiction and cinema often present adoptees’ searches for biological parents and siblings in a highly positive light. The law in child custody cases is biased towards biological parents over real parents,” the article said.

This entire plan sounds like some sort of genetic communism where everyone works toward the common good and there are no more identities:

“Since any man might be your biological brother, any woman your biological sister, concern for them would have to be expressed by a concern for a common good.”

Liberals have been working hard to destroy traditional families for years, and this idiotic proposal is just further proof of that.

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