Lib Demands Refugees Be Given a Chance, So Petition for Her to Open Mansion to Them Explodes Online

Lib Demands Refugees Be Given a Chance So Petition for Her to Open Mansion to Them Explodes Online

Let’s see her flobberworm her way out of this.

J.K. Rowling, one of the most successful, wealthy and annoyingly self-righteous liberal writers in the English language today, has long been a social media advocate for increasing the number of Middle Eastern refugees allowed into Western countries.

Now, a petition on social media has been gathering steam demanding the “Harry Potter” author let some of those same refugees into her very own home, a three-story 33-room mansion near Edinburgh, Scotland.

In a Twitter post back in September, Rowling made it clear that she thought anyone who thinks a country ought to be discriminating about who exactly it lets into its borders can only be motivated by bigotry or heartless ignorance.

Now, the petition on has offered one of the world’s wealthiest women a chance to put her money where her mouth is.

After a few words of introduction bashing Rowling’s incessant virtue-signaling (the woman even injected her loathing for American Republicans like George W. Bush into her “Harry Potter” series, to the dismay of many who would otherwise have been fans) the petition got to the heart of the matter:

“Since she is a sheltered member of the rich elite, who is very much disconnected from the ugly reality of rape, murder and destruction which many of these refugees bring with them, we think that it is time for her to show some true solidarity. J.K. Rowling has 18 spare bedrooms in her mansions in Britain and could easily give 18 refugees a long-time housing, not to mention the space available on her giant property to erect refugee shelters.”

Why not? She has room for horses, according to The U.K. Sun, surely she would be open to housing some of the refugees she and her glitterati ilk are so intent on foisting on the rest of the countries.

To make things more interesting, the petition also demanded that 14 of those 18 individuals be male, and only four of them female, to match the sexual breakdown of the mass of the migrants.

That would certainly liven things up in Edinburgh.

But if anything, the petition is going easy.

Given the size of her estate, Rowling could easily take in 18 families of refugees, not just 18 individuals in need. And if she kept such families on her property for eight years, as the petition suggests, she might even get a first-hand view of just how quickly this kind of thing can grow.

Needless to say, we’re not likely to be seeing stories about Rowling staring a Hogwarts-in-exile for the new arrivals she pines for so much.

While her poverty-stricken beginnings are well known, she’s spent the better part of two decades in the rarified world of extremely rich liberal society.

Now, Rowling is clearly not without a conscience. In May, 2016, she managed to put aside her own preening moral superiority for a few minutes to actually argue that then-GOP presidential contender Donald J. Trump had the same kind of free speech rights as anyone else — even if she she clearly despises him, and his supporters.

So maybe a petition like this can pique her conscience just a little, maybe enough to accept just one of the refugees she’s so compassionate toward — maybe she could put him in a little room in the space under a staircase.

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