Law Professor Claims Courts Will Likely Side with Trump on Immigration Orders

Law Professor Claims Courts Will Likely Side with Trump on Immigration Orders

President Donald Trump’s executive order banning immigration from seven Middle Eastern countries for 90 days has been virtually the only thing talked about in the political world for the past two days.

Liberals have been crying, screaming, protesting violently and otherwise acting 3-year-olds who didn’t get their way. Some have turned to the courts in hope that they will be able to put a stop to Trump’s executive order.

But George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley stated in an interview with CNN that he doubted the courts will stop Trump, because the law is on Trump’s side.

“The law does favor President Trump in this regard,” Turley explained. “I don’t like this order. I think it’s a terrible mistake — but that doesn’t go into the legal analysis. The court has been extremely deferential to presidents on the border.”

The president does have a lot of legal leeway when it comes to national security and immigration. So far, the only rulings that have had an impact on Trump’s decision have been rulings preventing the deportation of those who landed in America after the order was signed.

“And you have things like Section 1182 of the federal law that gives sweeping authority to the president to withhold either individual aliens or groups of aliens,” Turley pointed out. “All of that works to the advantage of President Trump.”

You can watch his full comments here:

Historically, the courts have sided with presidents in past cases that were similar to the current situation. The seven countries — Iran, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Yemen, Syria and Somalia — were also places the Obama administration labeled as areas of concern, which helps Trump’s case.

If liberals would put down their cardboard signs and shut up for a few minutes, they might realize that this is in no way a “Muslim ban” or an immigrant ban. They also might realize that Turley is no conservative, but he is one of the best known legal minds in the country. If he thinks they don’t have a case, chances are, they don’t.

What it is, is a temporary order to ensure that the people we let in from these countries in the future are the type of people who won’t go on shooting sprees or attempt to blow up American citizens.

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