Laptops Banned Because of “Battery Bomb” Intel From Yemen Raid

Laptops Banned Because of Battery Bomb Intel From Yemen Raid

Last year, an Islamic terrorist used a bomb hidden in a laptop to try to take down Daalo Airlines Flight 159, an international passenger flight that took off from the Somali capital of Mogadishu on Feb 2.

The device wound up blowing a hole through the aircraft’s skin through which the bomber fell to his death. But because the plane had not yet reached cruising altitude, it was able to return to the ground safely without any additional loss of life.

Three intelligence sources who spoke with The Daily Beast this week cited information seized during the U.S. raid on Al Qaeda in Yemen two months ago showing that the laptop bomb used by the suspect had, in fact, been a “proof of concept” that such attacks could work.

“Information from the raid showed Al Qaeda’s successful development of compact, battery bombs that fit inside laptops or other devices believed to be strong enough to bring down an aircraft, the sources said,” the Daily Beast reported. “The battery bombs would need to be manually triggered, a source explained, which is why the electronics ban is only for the aircraft cabin, not checked luggage.”

According to sources speaking with CNN, several other terror networks — including the Islamic State group — were reportedly following Al Qaeda’s lead and pursuing the development of laptop bombs.

This explains recent decisions by the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump and the U.K. government to ban certain electronic devices on incoming flights from terror-prone nations in the Middle East.

Some in the liberal media have tried to claim that these bans were based on xenophobic sentiments, but as usual the media were wrong. These bans were clearly based on concrete intelligence.

Moreover, though some travelers have reportedly begun kvetching about the ban, complaining that it was interfering in their work, it would be best if they suck it up and trust Trump’s decision — because the dangers of terrorism are obvious.

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