WATCH: Kellyanne Conway Criticizes Jake Tapper Over CNN Coverage of Trump


When Jake Tapper tried to play “gotcha” Sunday with Donald Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, Conway decided to let him have it, providing one of the most entertaining confrontations on television over the weekend.

The incident happened on CNN’s “State of the Union,” when Tapper asked about Saturday’s incident in Reno, Nevada, when Secret Service agents rushed Trump offstage after a disturbance in the audience. Tapper intimated that Trump’s campaign had known almost immediately that it wasn’t a real assassination attempt, even though Donald Trump Jr. and social media director Dan Scavino had tweeted, in the aftermath, that it might have been.

So, when Tapper asked, “Why is your campaign spreading that it was?” and posted a screen shot of Trump Jr.’s Twitter post, Conway bristled, lambasting the “Clinton News Network” for its skewed coverage.

“How do you — first of all, that’s really remarkable, I have to say, that that’s what the story line is here,” Conway responded. “Thank you for reminding everybody that the rain chased her away. There weren’t a lot of people there at her rally to begin with, and the rain left them running for cover.”

Conway was referring to the first part of the Trump Jr. tweet, which mocked a Hillary Clinton campaign rally in Florida that had to be cut short due to rain, although rumors abounded that the low attendance was the real reason for the cancellation.

(If you want another demonstration of media bias, consider the fact that The New York Times headlined its coverage of the rally, “In One Unscripted Moment, Hillary Clinton Finds Joy in the Rain.” This is beside the point, but I rather wonder if the person who came up with that one was able to keep a straight face while typing it out.)

Conway then pointed out that while plenty of coverage had been given to Clinton’s concert in Ohio, featuring Beyoncé and Jay Z, among others, the media has made little mention of the Democrat’s inability to draw a crowd without pop stars as an attraction.

“I think she has to sort of travel nonstop with Beyonce, Jay-Z and the likes that have to prop up the crowd. They’re there to see Beyonce, not her,” Conway said.

“You know, Jake, is CNN going to retract all the headlines, all the breathless predictions of the last two weeks, that have turned out not to be true?” she continued. “’The race is over. The path is closed. It’s going to be a blowout.’ You guys retract that, and I’ll give a call to Dan Scavino about the retweet.”

“I have never reported anything along those lines–” Tapper interjected.

“CNN certainly has. CNN certainly has,” Conway interrupted. “I love CNN, but you have to be honest here. The lower third, what’s always on the chyrons. The panelists, so-called experts constantly saying ‘she can’t lose. The race is over. The path is narrowed.’ You know, I have to thank you, in part.”

“I have never heard anybody say that,” Tapper continued. “All along, we have been saying that Donald Trump has a path to the presidency.”

Apparently, Tapper doesn’t watch his own network all that much. (You’re not alone, Jake. Millions of Americans don’t watch it, either.)

What’s amazing is how CNN staffers and stars get indignant when the network’s bias is pointed out to them. Have they not watched their own coverage? Are they blind to it? No wonder conservatives don’t trust the media.

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