Katy Perry Goes Political at Grammys With Planned Parenthood and Elizabeth Warren Symbols

Katy Perry Goes Political at Grammys With Planned Parenthood and Elizabeth Warren Symbols

Sunday night’s 59th annual Grammys was an important night if you want to know what septuagenarian entertainment industry executives think is young and hip. And it didn’t disappoint.

Critically lukewarm but commercially triumphant artist taking home most of the awards? Check (Adele). “Best New Artist” going to an artist who’s not particularly new? Check (Chance the Rapper, whose first album came out in 2013, took home the award). Dubious political statementsVery big check.

None could have been more dubious than that of Katy Perry, the outspoken Hillary Clinton supporter. Apparently, the “Roar” singer’s inability to push Clinton over the top during the election wasn’t a deterrent for her, since she decided to use her appearance Sunday to shove her opinions in the face of America.

First, there was the fact that she appeared in a pantsuit. Oh, ho ho, get it? This is one “California Gurl” who is very into subtle political statements. And by subtle, I mean whatever the most extreme opposite of the word subtle is. She also wore an armband that said “Persist,” no doubt a reference to Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

But that wasn’t enough for her, so she decided to go all the way and wear the insignia of baby-killing organization Planned Parenthood on her lapel.

Here’s the pin in close-up:

Now, let me say this: I’m not offended because I’m worried about the effect Katy Perry might have on public opinion of either Planned Parenthood or American politics in general. Quite frankly, if she really wanted to destroy the right wing, she would probably be more effective if she decided to come out with a March for Life placard and a “Goldwater ’64” T-shirt.

However, the fact that she’s getting uncritical praise for casually supporting an organization founded in eugenics and known for its highly questionable bioethical practices — such as selling the body parts of baby dismembered in the womb — is still infuriating.

“We gonna call this era Purposeful Pop,” Vogue reports that Perry tweeted to her fans before Sunday’s Grammys performance. Unfortunately, it seems that the purpose had a lot more to do with showing not only just how vacant and uninformed Ms. Perry’s political proclivities are, but also how little she seems to understand that.

If you haven’t boycotted Perry already, now wouldn’t be a bad time to do so.

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Source: conservativetribune.com

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