Kaepernick Takes America Trashing to New Level, Praises Castro


In a recent conference call interview with reporters, Colin Kaepernick defended a shirt featuring Fidel Castro that he wore in August after the third preseason game, according to the Palm Beach Post.

The shirt featured pictures of Malcolm X and Fidel Castro during Malcolm X’s 1960 visit to the communist nation and read, “Like minds think alike.” The 49ers quarterback wore it during a news conference in which he defended his decision to sit out the national anthem for the first time.

Kaepernick was confronted about the shirt by a reporter, who — according to The Washington Post — is “from a family of Cuban exiles.”

In the heated conversation, the controversial player claimed that, “I’m not talking about Fidel Castro and his oppression. I’m talking about Malcolm X and what he’s done for people.”

When the reporter accused the quarterback of diverting the subject because Castro was an “uncomfortable” topic, he then defended the recently deceased Cuban dictator.

“One thing that Fidel Castro did do is they have the highest literacy rate because they invest more in their education system than they do in their prison system, which we do not do here, even though we’re fully capable of doing that,” Kaepernick said.

When the reporter pointed out that Castro had broken up families, among his many oppressions, Kaepernick said, “We do break up families here. That’s what mass incarceration is. That was the foundation of slavery so our country has been based on that as well as the genocide of native Americans.”

When asked if he was comparing criminals being jailed to breaking up families, Kaepernick replied, “I’m equating the breaking up of families with the breaking up of families.”

Castro is gone, and the world is glad to be rid of him. However, there are sick liberals who are willing to embrace communist thugs like the former Cuban leader as heroes.

According to the Miami Herald, Kapernick’s team is playing the Miami Dolphins this weekend. Can’t wait to see the kind of reception he gets from Dolphins fans.

I can imagine it won’t be a good one.

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Source: conservativetribune.com