Judge Jeanine’s Take On Trump Sexual Accusations


No one builds a case like Judge Jeanine Pirro.

The Democrats’ and mainstream media’s blizzard of sexual accusations against Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is getting stronger every day, right at a time when fully investigating and responding to the allegations would be very tough for Team Trump with only weeks before the election. The former judge and prosecutor took to “Fox & Friends” Friday to explain why she finds the whole affair just a little too “convenient” for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

And she makes a solid argument for why there’s no comparison between the Trump stories and the much more serious accusations that have followed Bill Clinton around for decades.

Pirro is an avowed supporter of Donald Trump, of course, and has been one of the most vicious critics of FBI Director Jim Comey and his decision to let Hillary off the legal hook for her “extremely careless” use of a private email server while she was secretary of state.

But when she made her case Friday morning, Pirro based it on the facts surrounding the accusations against Trump and Bill Clinton. And the Trump accusers don’t come off well.

Check out the video below. About half of it deals with the Clintons’ close ties with Attorney General Loretta Lynch. The Trump-Clinton comparison starts about the 1:50 mark.

“You know what? It’s a little too convenient, all of the sudden, all these people, all in one day, on the day when WikiLeaks starts coming out … Look, you’ve got the mainstream media in cahoots with the Clinton campaign.

“I always respected the media, they’re supposed to be the Fourth Estate. They’re the people who keep us honest. No, they don’t. They want Clinton elected, and don’t want to do anything else.”

That this recent rash of anti-Trump allegations is “convenient” is putting it mildly.

Donald Trump has been a headline name in the United States going back to the 1970s.

He was the frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination from the moment he entered the race in June 2015.

At any moment over the course of a long career in business, and a short career in politics, the accusations that are now being aired would have been newsworthy enough to generate stories on their own. And quite possibly 6- or 7-figure legal settlements, if there were any basis to them.

Yet it’s only now, in the second week of October, with a November presidential election less than a month away, that years-old, and even decades-old accusations are coming out? Packaged and promoted by a left-loving newspaper that’s made no bones about its willingness to suspend the rules of good journalism in order to deafeat the GOP nominee.

And as Pirro notes, they’re coming out at the same time as a series of email leaks are proving that the Democrat candidate is more crooked and corrupt than even conservative Americans would have thought until now.

It’s no coincidence that The Times helped kick off the week’s assault when it unveiled a woman who claimed Trump had forced himself on her on an airplane 35 years ago. An investigation by special contributor to The Point, Jim O’Brien, raises serious questions about why that woman might have ill feelings toward the real estate developer-turned-politician.

Meanwhile, the Clinton accusers are routinely ignored by the mainstream media, even though they’ve been telling their stories in public for years and one of them, Paula Jones, actually received an $850,000 payment from the Clintons for a sexual harassment incident involving Bill Clinton when he was governor of Arkansas.

The many Clinton accusers have never been “convenient” for the mainstream media, though.

Trump’s accusers are fitting right into the Democrats’ plans.

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