Judge Jeanine Schools Geraldo On Undercover Videos … ‘I Could Indict In 3 Seconds’


If the Justice Department isn’t interested, there’s always justice with Judge Jeanine.

Judge Jeanine Pirro, the former prosecutor turned Fox News host, took over a “Fox & Friends” segment on Friday to slam the Obama-Era Justice Department, and make it clear that undercover videos released this week were strong enough evidence to bring a criminal case against the Democrat operatives who appear in them.

Even if the Justice Department doesn’t see fit to launch a probe.

The videos released by guerilla videographer James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas organization show Democrat agents and operatives openly admitting to being behind some of the most headline-grabbing incidents of the presidential election. They include the riot that shut down a planned Trump campaign rally in Chicago in March as well as violent episodes at other of the GOP nominee’s events.

So far, the videos’ impact has been limited to the political and public relations aspect of their release, but there could well be legal ramifications.

According to WITI in Green Bay, Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel is reviewing the videos because they involved prominent Madison, Wisconsin, operative Scott Foval potentially violating Badger State law.

“The Attorney General is aware of these videos and very concerned about apparent violations of the law,” Schimel spokesman Johnny Koremenos told the station. “We are evaluating and reviewing available options to address the serious questions these videos raise.”

As Pirro sees it, the questions are already answered – enough to bring the case to court anyway. In a fiery clash with longtime liberal Geraldo Rivera, Pirro, the host of Fox News “Justice With Judge Jeanine,” more than made the point. A harsh critic of FBI Director James Comey and his decision to not recommend a prosecution for Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email system while she was secretary of state, Pirro made no bones about how politicized the Justice Department has become in the Obama administration.

“You and I know that Loretta Lynch and the Justice Department would be there in three seconds if it were reversed and there were Democrats who were being victimized, according to them. But you know what?

“People can say, ‘where’s the FBI, where’s the Justice Department?’ ‘This is a violation of civil rights,’ and all that. But you know what? As a former prosecutor, I would put a criminal case together without the FBI, without the Justice Department – because they’re clearly the most politicized Justice Department in the history of this country.

“I’ve got the tape. I’ve got the proof. I’ve got the intent. Whether it ties to the White House or not is for the feds. But as a local prosecutor, when I’ve got someone coming in inciting riots, inciting violence … Then I can indict them.

“Don’t wait for the feds, ‘cause they’ ain’t coming.”

Check out the video of the emotional encounter here. (You’ll notice the two antagonists were separated on opposite ends of the couch.)

Being a liberal, Geraldo concentrated on the political aspects of the case rather than the law (liberals and laws haven’t meshed in the Age of Obama).

Had the videos been published earlier, he said, it would have been different.

“Now, it’s coming too late to affect the results [of the election] that happens 18 days from now,” he said. “People can’t absorb it.”

But Pirro was having none of it.

“You know what you’re talking about? You’re talking about politics and the campaign,” she said. “I’m talking about crime. I’m talking about justice in this country.

“I’m talking about people who decide that what they’re going to do is incite riots and incite violence. That is against the law in the United States of America.”

Not only does Pirro have an obvious and valid point, it’s worth noting that it would apply whatever the politics of the inciters might be.

“[If] I am a district attorney, I could indict them in three seconds,” she said.

Maybe. And maybe come January, the country might have a Justice Department that’s worthy of the name again.

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