Journalists Spread Lie About Trump Blowing a Kiss to FBI Director

Journalists Spread Lie About Trump Blowing a Kiss to FBI Director

Democrats have proven that they are going to continue to attack President Donald Trump at every opportunity, regardless of how foolish it makes them look.

Case in point: Writer Richard Hine decided to take part in the spreading of fake news when he posted to Twitter that Trump blew a kiss to FBI Director James Comey.

Of course, it didn’t happen, but when has the truth ever stood in the way of liberal journalism? Never.

Hine posted a video clip of Trump at a law enforcement reception claiming that Trump “just literally blew a kiss to James Comey.” Take a look:

Considering that Hine is the author of a supposedly humorous book called “Kim Kardashian Saves the World (After President Trump Nearly Ends It,” supposedly sophisticated journalists should have some idea of how seriously he should be taken.

But that didn’t stop liberal writers for outlets like The Washington Post, Newsweek, the New Yorker, Slate, and, of course, BuzzFeed, from spreading the story to their followers on Twitter.

These people are so desperate. It’s pretty clear that Trump was saying “James” or “Comey.”

Incidentally, don’t people generally put one of their hands up to their lips to blow someone a kiss?

Hine’s suggestion that Trump is blowing a kiss, and its credulous reception, only demonstrate how desperate he and the rest of the mainstream media are. Never in history have they been called out for their biased and false reporting, by the president no less, and they simply don’t know what to do about it. So, they dig their heels in and continue to spread lies.

One would think that after being accused of spreading fake news, journalists and news outlets would attempt to clean up their act and at least appear to be on the up and up. But because they are fueled by hate rather than journalistic integrity, they may never do so.

Honestly, this illustrates how distorted liberal logic can be.

Liberals will undoubtedly continue to attack the president at every opportunity because what they lost in the election was far more than a candidate — they also lost their reputations and their credibility.

Trump proved to them that he doesn’t need them, and voters proved that they don’t listen to them.

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