James Woods Just Tweeted the Ultimate Welfare Leech Slam… EVERYONE Needs to See This

James Woods Just Tweeted the Ultimate Welfare Leech Slam EVERYONE Needs to See This

Outspoken conservative James Woods loves to poke fun at liberal nonsense. One of his latest posts to Twitter took a swing at how welfare leeches love to take advantage of all the free benefits they can get from government agencies supported by taxpayer dollars.

The tweet was a cartoon that showed a conversation between a pair of lazy liberals who appear to only be motivated by their sense of entitlement.

It began with the man stating he would pick up welfare checks and look into the couple’s federal education grants. Meanwhile, the woman would go to the health clinic and take advantage of free pregnancy tests provided by the government. If the pregnancy test was positive, she would go ahead and complete the necessary paperwork for pre-natal care and child assistance.

After exhausting all the ways they could abuse the system, they couple would meet up at the capitol to protest the greedy Republicans who have the nerve to expect them to get jobs.

We often hear that part of what makes things funny is the fact that there is some truth being told. There happens to be quite a bit of truth to this cartoon and, while it is comical, it is also sad.

It’s actually pathetic because this cartoon represents everything that is wrong with liberals today. People like this couple don’t grasp the fact that by simply allowing themselves to become wards of the government, they are making a choice. Moreover, by choosing not to support themselves, they are burdening the rest of society.

Imagine if some of our country’s greatest leaders chose to be like these two welfare leeches. Try to consider where our country would be if every one of those who chose to bravely serve in law enforcement or in the armed forces decided to stay home and collect welfare checks instead.

The U.S. would be an entirely different country — and very much for the worse.

Liberalism always has and always will be in favor of a strong federal government that pushes unnecessary social programs that do many things, including, as this cartoon illustrates, destroying the strong work ethic that has helped make America the great country it is.

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Source: conservativetribune.com