Ivanka Posts Photo of Her Baby, Instantly Haters Attack


Ivanka Trump did something most proud parents do when their children have a special day: She took a photo and posted it to Twitter.

The post celebrated her son Theodore’s eight-month birthday with the caption, “I cannot believe that Theodore is 8 months old today! Happy birthday little teddy bear!”

In a short amount of time, haters, including the San Francisco Gate, took issue with the president-elect’s daughter wishing her son a happy birthday when he wasn’t even a year old — even though counting months in a baby’s first year is quite common for parents worldwide.

Trump’s tweet is below.

That seems sweet enough, right? Apparently not.

Take a look at how some users tried to mock Trump.

Some users made fun of Trump.

Others insinuated that Trump didn’t know how to count.

Some said that’s just not how birthdays work.

Trump responded to the criticism with class and said, “Only in a baby’s first year of life would a parent ‘celebrate’ a child’s birthday on a monthly basis!”

She handled it well, and she let the haters know they weren’t going to ruin her weekend with their snarky remarks, according to the U.K. Daily Mail.

All of the hate directed at President-elect Donald Trump and his family only reveals just how much liberals are ready to attack the Trumps for absolutely anything — even something as innocent as celebrating a child’s eight-month birthday.

The left’s response to this tweet wasn’t surprising, however. They are still reeling from an embarrassing election that has left them angry and demoralized — and apparently they feel the need to take that anger out on someone.

Theodore is more mature than they are.

Let’s hope they can move beyond their anger sooner rather than later.

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