Israel Bombs ISIS Thugs After They Open Fire on IDF Troops


Ever since the Islamic State terror group began decimating portions of the Middle East, the nation of Israel has been worried that the terror group would turn its eye on the Jewish state, and it appears that day has arrived.

On Sunday, Israel Defense Force (IDF) troops in the Golan Heights exchanged fire with Islamic State group militants in what is believed to be the first actual exchange of gunfire between the two sides, the Israeli news outlet Haaretz reported.

No Israeli troops were wounded in the clashes, but a number of militants were killed. This clash was significant because it marks a potentially new and deadly stage in the Syrian conflict, which has already seen isolated bouts of violence leak from its border into Israel.

“The terrorists are from Shuhada al-Yarmouk (Yarmouk Martyrs Brigade), with all the significance that organization’s name carries. The Israeli forces didn’t lie in ambush by chance,” explained a senior Israeli officer.

Shuhada al-Yarmouk is an organization that has pledged its support to the Islamic State group, in effect making it a branch of the terror outfit.

According to Haaretz, the Israeli troops were fired on by a machine gun and mortar shells, then spotted an armed vehicle with a mounted machine gun several hundred yards inside the Syrian side of the border. An Israeli air unit dropped a bomb on the armed vehicle, apparently killing four fighters inside.

The senior official told Haaretz he believed that the militants’ firing was an attempt to bring Israel into the Syrian civil war — to “shuffle the deck,” as the newspaper put it — and change the current situation.

CBS News reported that Israel has carried out occasional airstrikes in Syria, but otherwise has avoided being drawn into the complex conflict. Likewise, the Islamic State group has been hesitant to attack Israel, knowing just what Israel is capable of doing in battle.

Israel has also previously stated that it holds the Syrian government responsible for any fighting that spills over the border, i24 News reported.

By ignoring the Islamic State problem, President Barack Obama has not only caused thousands of people to die, but now his incompetence has potentially put one of our few Middle East allies in danger.

Hopefully, President-elect Donald Trump will take a more confrontational approach to this terror group and rid the world of it once and for all.

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