Iraqi Politician Bribes Dem Staffers with $100K, Gained Access to Federal Computer Network

Iraqi Politician Bribes Dem Staffers with 100K Gained Access to Federal Computer Network

Court documents uncovered by The Daily Caller revealed that a group of IT staffers for former DNC head Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz stood accused of taking $100,000 from Iraqi politician Dr. Ali al-Attar.

According to Politico, Pakistani native Imran Awan — who has worked for Democrats since 2004 — was the ringleader of a group of brothers who are under investigation for “wide-ranging equipment and data theft.”

The Daily Caller revealed that the brothers were accused of copying congressional information and data to an off-site server. There’s also suspicion that they accessed data improperly.

The payment from al-Attar, which was described as a loan, was transferred to the staffers via encrypted financial transactions. The money was ostensibly to be used to keep an auto dealership business the Awans were running afloat. Court documents showed that the car dealership’s finances were equally suspect.

“Imran later acted as owner since (Cars International A, LLC — referred to as “CIA” in court documents) was considered family business by the Awans,” Nasir Khattak, business partner of Imran’s brother Abid, said in court documents. “It was very bad record-keeping in Cars International … it is close to impossible to make any sense out of all the transactions that happened.”

The brothers eventually defaulted on the loan, leaving al-Attar as the owner of the dealership — although the family supposedly refused to relinquish control.

Imran was described as having “unusual clout” among Democrats, with pictures showing him in conversation with former President Bill Clinton. Further evidence of this clout was the fact that he had not been fired by Wasserman Schultz as of Feb. 6, although his access to congressional IT had been cut off.

Looking at this loan and looking at what the Awans stood accused of, it’s not difficult to realize that there’s the possibility that some level of access was sold to the Iraqis. This is a frightening thing to contemplate, especially when you realize Rep. Wasserman Schultz’s experience with email break-ins.

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