Iraqi F-16 Fighter Jets Blow Up ISIS Pool Party, Kill 67


Iraqi forces waited to pummel Islamic State group fighters when they weren’t expecting it.

According to The Daily Caller, Iraqi fighter jets blew up 67 Islamic State group fighters when the terrorists were enjoying a day off at a pool in Mosul, Iraq.

The terrorists met up at the 5-star luxury Ninawa International hotel, an establishment the Islamic State group seized after capturing Mosul in 2014. Since then, fighters have used the building for lavish weddings and as lodgings for visiting terrorists.

On Nov. 1, some 67 fighters kicked back at the pool, as they had decided to take a break from fighting Iraqi forces in the battle for Mosul. They underestimated the opposition.

Just as they were enjoying their day, the jihadists got a huge surprise as F-16 fighters bombed the hotel, obliterating one of the jihadists’ most prized buildings in the city.

The offensive was all part of a string of attacks against the Islamic State group. Every day, Iraqi forces get closer and closer to the city in a fight that many say could take weeks, if not months.

The Islamic State group terrorists underestimated the opposition. But clearly Iraqi forces want the radical militants to know they will not back down in their quest to recapture Mosul. The jihadists got what they deserved.

If this attack is any indication of what Iraqi forces are capable of, then the Islamic State group should be very, very scared.

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