Iran Boats Threatened US Ships… Here’s How the USS George HW Bush Responded

Iran Boats Threatened US Ships Heres How the USS George HW Bush Responded

For several years, Iranian vessels have been harassing United States ships in Middle Eastern waters. Iranian boats have conducted dangerous maneuvers around U.S. ships and have otherwise tried to provoke a U.S. response.

The latest incident of Iranian harassment happened Tuesday in the Strait of Hormuz, where Iranian attack ships harassed a United States flotilla that included the supercarrier USS George H.W. Bush, the U.K. Express reported.

Reportedly these vessels trained their weapons on the flotilla, and in response United States helicopters took off to hover over the Iranian vessels.

“What I don’t like about that is they were in the middle of international transit waters. We had a right to be there, as we were exercising freedom of navigation on our way into the Arabian Gulf,” Rear Adm. Kenneth Whitesell stated.

Business Insider reported that the incident ended without either side firing a shot, but it was yet another serious provocation by Iran at a time when tensions between the nations are at all-time highs.

Iran of course denied that the incident ever took place, Reuters reported.

“We emphasize that the Americans would be responsible for any unrest in the Persian Gulf, and again warn that the U.S. military must change its behavior,” Iranian Brig. Gen. Masoud Jazayeri stated.

There is absolutely no reason for a few small Iranian attack ships to threaten a United States carrier that could easily sink all of them in 30 seconds. Iran is clearly trying to provoke the United States into doing something that would provide Iran with an excuse to declare war.

President Donald Trump promised to get tougher on Iran, and I think we can all agree that it’s time he follows through on that promise. It is clear that Iran isn’t planning on changing its behavior.

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