International Women’s Day Coverage Forgot to Mention THESE Tough Ladies

International Womens Day Coverage Forgot to Mention THESE Tough Ladies

In the United States, International Women’s Day became an occasion for “Day Without Women” protests. All across America, feminists donned knitted caps meant to euphemize female genitalia yet again, and some managed to get themselves arrested outside of New York’s Trump Tower or the Trump International Hotel in Washington.

And how did that benefit women? Well, according to The Washington Post, the only women who saw any sort of tangible results from what happened on Wednesday were mothers in Alexandria, Virginia. In that D.C. suburb, schools announced just before the day of protest that they would be closing due to the large number of teachers taking part, leaving parents having to sort it out.

“We’re actually probably causing a lot of working women to scramble for child care and some of them are minimum-wage workers,” one anonymous teacher in the district told The Post. Nice work.

Those were the women you heard about on Wednesday. What you didn’t hear about were the truly heroic women fighting the Islamic State group on the front lines in Syria and Iraq.

While liberals may complain that Donald Trump is oppressing women, the Islamic State group is involved in some of the most tangible and brutal female oppression in the world. Between beheadings, rapes, killings and the taking of sex slaves, few areas of the world are more dangerous to be a woman than in the swath of land controlled by these thugs.

However, women in the Middle East are fighting back. The Clarion Project detailed their struggles in an article designed to showcase the real heroes of International Women’s Day.

“The Kurdish Peshmerga in Iraq has trained at least two female Yazidi forces, the 1,700-strong Sun Ladies and the Sinjar Women’s Units,” The Clarion Project reports. “The Iraqi Kurdistan government is proud of how its Peshmerga forces put men and women on equal footing. The same goes for other Kurdish groups in Iraq that are fighting both ISIS and the Iranian regime, like the Kurdistan Freedom Party (PAK) and the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran (KDPI).”

Then there’s the Kurdish YPJ. Here was their tweet for March 8, International Women’s Day.

Rojda Felat, commander of the female Kurdish forces in Syria, says that she views her mission to free Yazidi women as a wider effort to establish women’s rights in the region.

“Wherever a man is threatening a woman, our forces will struggle against this,” Felat said.

These are the real heroes of International Women’s Day. How much media coverage did they get? Almost none. Let’s help change that.

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