IMPAIRED: Hillary’s Brain Goes Down… Can’t Name of Gov She’s Campaigning For


Hillary Clinton’s FBI investigation and the deluge of WikiLeaks revelations have overshadowed the Democrat nominee’s health for several weeks now. Don’t get the wrong message, though. She’s still the same hobbling, foggy physical also-ran she was when she thought the FBI investigation into her emails was behind her.

Take her performance in North Carolina, a key swing state that the Democrats may need to win in order to take the presidency. While campaigning there on Thursday, Clinton couldn’t quite remember who she was supposed to be supporting, which is how she got his name wrong.

Democrat Roy Cooper is the party’s gubernatorial candidate in the Tar Heel State. Instead of saying that name, though, she asked a slightly puzzled crowd, “Are you ready to elect Ray Cooper your governor?”

Video below:

Heck, I’m halfway surprised she didn’t just start naming things that sound like “Roy Cooper” in a vain attempt to get it right: “Ry Cooder? Roy Cohn? Juan Peron? Toscanini? Dacron? No?”

At this point, why doesn’t she just try sounding out random syllables until someone nods and then move on to the next one?

Remember when Democrats and liberals everywhere thought it was funny to pick on Ronald Reagan for his advanced age, in spite of the fact that no evidence existed of his senility while in office? Heck, Will Ferrell was even supposed to play Reagan in a movie where he was senile for the last few years of the presidency.

Meanwhile, while that’s supposed to be funny, any talk of Hillary Clinton’s mental clarity is met with a stony insistence that the person saying it is some sort of conspiracy theorist. We’ve seen quite a few videos like this, however, as well as her collapse at the 9/11 memorial ceremony.

Hillary has plenty of questions to answer before this coming Tuesday. While her health may not be as pressing as her email or the WikiLeaks revelations, it’s still something American voters need to know about.

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