ICE Reports Show Which Cities Are Releasing Violent Illegal Criminals

ICE Reports Show Which Cities Are Releasing Violent Illegal Criminals

Advocates for open borders and unchecked immigration often claim that illegal immigrants pose no real threat to American citizens and provide a positive effect on the communities in which they reside, but a recent report from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement office suggests otherwise.

Staying true to President Donald Trump’s word that he would publicly name and blame those “sanctuary city” jurisdictions that weren’t cooperating with the enforcement of federal immigration laws, the latest weekly ICE report on declined detainer requests made clear the danger that some American communities are facing.

According to TheBlaze, the weekly report revealed that during Feb. 4-10 at least 47 detainer requests issued by ICE against criminally charged or convicted illegal immigrants were either ignored or outright rejected by 30 separate jurisdictions around the country, with the criminal aliens being released from custody to roam the streets of their communities instead of turned over to the feds.

Of those 47 declined detainers, at least 12 of them came from New York City alone, with another six refusals from Virginia and five being released in the state of Washington.

The report made clear that these wanted individuals had been either charged with or convicted of serious criminal offenses like assault, sexual assault, burglary and robbery, drug possession and distribution, driving while intoxicated and a host of other crimes.

The Daily Caller noted that the ICE report also pointed out the 10 most uncooperative jurisdictions around the country, jurisdictions which received 540 of the 2,285 detainer requests issued nationwide.

Those 10 jurisdictions, listed in descending order of total detainers issued, are: Los Angeles (162); New York (73); Kern, California (65); Clark, Nevada (54); San Diego (44); Orange, California (42); San Bernardino, California (32); Santa Barbara, California (24); Travis, Texas (23); and King, Washington (21).

As a final note, the declined detainers listed only include the ones that ICE has become aware of on its own, as sanctuary jurisdictions rarely inform ICE of such releases, and the number most likely will rise as the agency learns more in the coming week.

Meanwhile, ICE will continue to release these weekly reports that name and shame sanctuary cities and counties and expose the leftist lie that criminal illegal immigrants pose no real threat to American citizens or the communities in which they illegally reside.

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