Huuge Surprise – Trump Is So Powerful, He Managed To Change Obama’s Mind: Now Obama Wants Build A Wall, But You Will Never Guess Where!


Obama had 8 years to do something with our south border, but he did nothing!

And now, few months before leaving office, he suddenly wants to build some kind of wall, he call it THREE-TIER SECURITY SYSTEM, but we all know that is a god damn wall, just they chose to call it differently because they are embarrassed that they are doing EXACTLY what Trump promised to do if elected.

But there is a huge difference, guess who is going to pay for Obama’s wall?!

You are right!

And there is even one way bigger difference, do you know where is the wall going to be?

Not on Mexico – US borderline, but on Mexico southern border, with it’s southern neighbours!

So we are helping Mexico to protects it’s borders, with our money?!?! Only Obama can do this!

As Allen West writes:


” Many politicians in Mexico and the United States continue to blast Donald Trump’s proposal to build a border wall dividing our nations to help protect against illegal immigration to this country. Turns out, Mexico has an illegal immigration problem of its own when it comes to immigrants from Central America. In fact, Mexico deports more illegal immigrants back to Central America than the United States deports.

Mexico realizes illegal immigration is a zero-sum game. It’s fine with sending its citizens across our border, which allows them to benefit to the tune of $24 billion annually in remittances, but doesn’t want illegals from the south of its own border drawing upon its resources. In fact, Mexico would like a border wall of its own to prevent illegals from entering its own country, and even Barack Obama wants to lend a helping hand with that.”

Via the Washington Free Beacon:

“Obama administration and Mexican government officials recently discussed creating a three-tier security system designed to protect Mexico’s southern border from drug and human traffickers, according to U.S. officials.

The border control plan calls for U.S. funding and technical support of three security lines extending more than 100 miles north of Mexico’s border with Guatemala and Belize. The border security system would use sensors and intelligence-gathering to counter human trafficking and drug running from the region, a major source of illegal immigration into the United States.

According to the officials who discussed the U.S.-Mexican talks on condition of anonymity, the Mexican government proposed setting up three security cordons using electronic sensors and other security measures along the southern Mexican border, along a line some 20 miles from the southern border, and along a third security line about 140 miles from the southern Mexican territorial line.


The plan would be funded in part through the Merida Initiative, a U.S.-led anti-drug trafficking program that has involved nearly $2 billion in U.S. funds.

Is it “racist” that Mexico wants to do this? Of course not, and for the same reason, it’s not “racist” for the US to enforce our laws on the books.”

Only crazy democrats could think off this kind of insane idea.

We are going to pay for a wall that is going to protect Mexico from it’s south?!


We need Trump to save America from this lunacy!

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