HUMILIATION: Shock Picture at Hillary Campaign Rally Shows Only 30 People Attending


Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton would never have authorized this photo being released because it shows something that she does not want to cop to: She is losing voters.

Running mate Tim Kaine held a rally in West Palm Beach, Florida, speaking to a crowd of Clinton supporters — although “crowd” is probably being generous.

A few dozen people showed up to this rally, and that included reporters and operatives. This is truly a sad photo that the Clinton camp would never allowed to be circulated because it shows the truth of Hillary Clinton’s support in Florida, a key swing state. Don’t believe the liberal media hype — even Democrats can’t get excited about a Hillary Clinton presidency.

Shortly after the photo was released, it went viral in a huge way, being retweeted and shared all over the country. See the sad photo below:


How exactly are we going to be stronger together with that low of a turnout? Even if all of these people held hands and played “Red Rover,” Trump would still bust through victoriously.

Twitter seemed to agree:

Just this one tweet was shared over 6,000 times. That’s 200 times the number of people who showed up to the rally!

It probably didn’t help the Clinton campaign feel any better to learn that Trump’s rally the same day attracted 20,000 supporters.

Just to do the math again, that’s 667 times the number of people who showed up to see Tim Kaine:

Photos don’t lie, but the media does — so stay vigilant, stay strong, and go cast your vote for the candidate who actually wants America to be the greatest country in the world.

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H/T The Gateway Pundit