Huma Abedin Claims She Informed White House Every Time Hillary Changed Emails


A very hot potato has just been dropped into President Barack Obama’s lap, and he may have no one to throw it to.

Huma Abedin, top aide to Democrat presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, reported to the FBI that Obama was well aware that Hillary Clinton used a private email server while secretary of state, according to a report by Fox News on Wednesday.

The email story first broke on March 2, 2015, as the result of a lengthy investigation by The New York Times. Obama has spent nearly two years distancing himself from it, with everyone beneath him falling on their swords. Has Huma Abedin been reserved as potential cannon fodder?

You can view the Fox News video here:

On March 7, 2015, Obama stated in a CBS News interview that he learned of Clinton’s private email system only after the story broke in The New York Times.

“The same time everybody else learned it through news reports,” the president claimed.

Obama used an alias to communicate with Clinton on her private accounts, according to the story by Fox News. The link had been set up by his team and was approved.

Obama’s Blackberry was an ultra-secure device, set up to accept only certain addresses. Aberdin told the FBI that she had to notify the White House every time Clinton changed her address so that the links could be reconfigured.

This is another admission that Obama knew and approved of Clinton’s private server and use of private email for classified and highly sensitive government business.Clearly, the president has some skin in the game, much more so than has ever been disclosed.

Exactly what and how much Huma is telling the Feds remains to be seen, but it appears she is determined not to be thrown to the wolves in this scandal — and that she make take others down with her.

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