HUGE: Trump Poll Numbers See Surge After Second Debate


The liberal media has gleefully played the decade-old “locker room banter” tape of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump to the hilt, thinking it was the final straw that would utterly demolish not just his campaign but also him as a person.

But there were those who suggested that perhaps the media had overplayed their hand in the effort to destroy Trump, and that their pile-on of the candidate would actually result in a backlash of voters supporting Trump even more than before.

If the latest survey from Rasmussen Reports is any indication, that second surmise may have just been proven accurate, as Trump has moved into the lead over Democrat rival Hillary Clinton.

Far from being down by double digits as the much touted and highly skewed NBC/WSJ poll of last weekend would have you believe, Trump was up among likely voters by 43 percent to Clinton’s 41 in the Rasmussen daily survey.

That is a 4-point swing from Wednesday’s results (43-39 in favor of Clinton) and a decided shift from Clinton’s 5-point lead Tuesday and 7-point lead on Monday.

The daily poll of 1,500 likely voters utilizes a three-day rolling average, making this poll the first to fully gauge the reaction of voters following the debate Sunday night. It has a margin of error of about 2.5 percent.

Trump and Clinton were supported by their respective parties equally, with about three-quarters of voters from each supporting their candidate.

Among the 84 percent of respondents who declared that they were fully committed to their choice on Election Day, Trump leads Clinton by a margin of 49 to 46 percent. Among voters who say they are waiting until Election Day to make their final decision, Clinton leads Trump 40 to 37 percent.

Clinton held a significant lead among women and young voters, while Trump led among men and older voters, who are more likely actually to make it to a polling place to cast a vote on Election Day. Trump also still retains a lead among unaffiliated independent voters.

Perhaps most surprising of all was the news that Trump had made solid gains among minority voters, particularly blacks, though Clinton still held a large lead among those segments of the voting population.

Obviously things can certainly still change between now and Nov. 8, but these poll results seemed to show that the race was far from over, contrary to what some in the liberal media and Clinton campaign would like you to think.

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