House Intel Member: “99.5% Accurate” to Say Obama Surveilled Trump Transition Team

House Intel Member 995 Accurate to Say Obama Surveilled Trump Transition Team

In a Wednesday night appearance on Fox News‘ “The O’Reilly Factor,” New York GOP Rep. Peter King, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, said it was “99-and-a-half percent accurate” to say that President Donald Trump’s aides had been under some form of federal surveillance during the transition period.

King made the shocking statement on the same day that GOP Rep. Devin Nunes revealed he had information that members of the Trump transition team were monitored by agents of the intelligence community during their investigations of  foreign targets, according to the Los Angeles Times.

While King said that he thought that Trump may have overstepped the evidence with his controversial wiretapping claim on Twitter, he did say that “the president had a legitimate case to make.”

“He overstepped it by saying President Obama ordered wiretapping,” King said. “That we don’t know, but what we do know is, to me, this is shameful.”

When O’Reilly pressed King on how sure he was of the seriousness of the surveillance, King responded that, “I would say, from all I know, you’re at least 99-and-a-half percent accurate, and probably 100 percent.”

As for Nunes’ claim that Trump’s people had been monitored and the conversations were passed around certain areas of the government, King called it “extremely significant.”

“Any time your name comes up, any American’s name comes up, in one of these wiretapped conversations, it’s supposed to be masked. Reports were written with names of these people and details,” King said.

Adding that nobody within the Trump organization had been accused of anything, King said investigators needed to determine who “unmasked” the Trump officials. You can see the interview here (the entire segment is worth watching, but the interview with King begins just after the 2:30 mark):

Evidence is coming out fast and furious in the brouhaha involving Trump’s wiretapping tweets, and while actual “wiretapping” per se has not been proven, it’s looking increasingly likely that some form of surveillance took place during the transition.

If that’s true, the whole investigation into Trump’s alleged “Russia ties” takes on a whole new dimension, one in which the intelligence community may have been part of a politicized case against Donald Trump.

Things, it seems, are about to get very interesting.

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