House GOP Finds Backbone After Trump Win… Scrap Obama’s Plan to Sell Planes to Iran


One of the many issues seized upon by President-elect Donald Trump during his campaign was the weak leadership, diplomacy and negotiating skills of President Barack Obama’s administration, typified mostly by the seriously flawed and dangerous nuclear deal with Iran.

The Iran nuclear deal, which merely delayed the Islamic Republic’s ability to develop nuclear weapons for the time being, also lifted a significant number of economic sanctions and has now allowed them to become flush with cash, which is in turn being used to strengthen and grow their military through a number of side deals with various manufacturers in Europe and the U.S., most notably the Boeing corporation.

But it would appear that House Republicans have become emboldened following Trump’s victory and, with an eye toward his expected tough stance against Iran, are now putting their foot down on one part of Obama’s deal with Iran by passing legislation that would effectively block any sales of Boeing aircraft to Iran, according to The Washington Free Beacon.

“The American people gave us a mandate to fight radical Islamic terrorism. Preventing aircraft sales to the world’s leading terror state is a pretty good start,” stated a senior GOP aide with knowledge of the legislation, which has been viewed as an immediate shift in policy towards Iran.

“Clearly this is a top priority for House Republicans. We are making this the first bill we put on the floor after the election,” the aide added. “The Boeing-Iran sale is a great opportunity for President-elect Trump to claim an early national security win.”

It is expected that the legislation will easily pass the House, and most likely the Senate as well, though Obama’s White House has already made clear that they intend to veto the measure.

“It’s no secret I’ve been a vocal critic of the Iran deal. It was a horrible idea at the time and it has proven even worse as we’ve learned about secret side deals and more unilateral concessions to the mullahs,” said Republican Illinois Rep. Peter Roskam.

“But even those who supported the (nuclear deal) should support this bill. Nothing in the Iran deal obligates the U.S. to allow American banks to finance the Islamic Republic’s efforts to rebuilt its air fleet,” Roskam added.

As stated previously, the White House has said that Obama will veto the bill, as the administration views it as a direct effort to undermine the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action deal reached between Iran, the U.S. and several European nations.

Well, that is kind of the idea.

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