HORROR: Weird Black & Red Spot Appears on Boy’s Leg… 2 Weeks Later He’s Dead

Weird Black Red Spot Appears on Boys Leg 2 Weeks Later Hes Dead

Keith Pierce was only 10 years old when he died. He had just turned 10 — one month after his 10th birthday, he reported pain in his leg, and it didn’t look good.

In Three Forks, Montana, Pierce was in danger for his life and he didn’t know it.

Not only did he have pain in his leg, but he also experienced significant swelling and a massive black spot.

They took him to the doctor, but, according to KTVM, the pain got worse until they took him to the emergency room.

Mandy, Keith’s mother, knew in her gut that it was a spider bite, but the doctors ignored her — a mistake that would soon cause the young boy his life in October, 2014.

“I saw what appeared to be a set of fang marks,” she said. “I tried to tell them that it was a spider bite.”

The doctors were completely absorbed in the possibility of the discoloration signifying cancer and neglected the possibility of it having been caused by the infamous brown recluse spider.

They attempted to treat him with IV antibiotics, but of course that didn’t work. Keith underwent emergency surgery for sepsis, or blood poisoning, from which he tragically never awoke.

Brown recluse spiders are incredibly dangerous.

Not only can a victim not feel the bite, but generally those bitten only experience symptoms after the beginning of sepsis. In other words, parts of the body die before most people even know they have been bitten.

They’re known to dwell in garages, woodpiles, and sheds — so keep an eye out, folks.

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