HORROR: Police Left Crying After Seeing Sick Thing 3 Women Did With Bed Sheets


Child abuse is one of the most disturbing things that can happen in this world. There is something perversely wrong about abusing children so young that they can’t even fight back.

And one recent case was particularly bad. According to WDTN, police responded to a 911 call from a motel in Middletown, Ohio, last week and were so sickened by what they saw that they were forced to leave the room in tears.

Inside the motel room were two boys, one of whom later died, who had been savagely beaten over a 22-hour time period. The boys were allegedly wrapped in sheets, then attacked because one of them took food, the station reported.

The sick individuals who carried out the beatings were Theresa Hawkins-Stephens, 26, her friend Rachael Bostian, 29, and Bostian’s mother, Ramona Bostian, 56.

Stephens was the mother of the two children, who were ages 5 and 6.

Police received a 911 call about an unresponsive child and found the younger boy, the one who would later die, with life-threatening injures. The older boy was cowering under a blanket with serious injuries.

The three women have been charged with felonious assault and child endangerment. Murder charges were added against the two younger women after the young boy died.

It was also unclear whether the 6-year-old would make a full recovery or not.

If he does, hopefully he will be taken to a new home where he will be raised by people who will love him and never beat him nearly to death simply for taking food.

There are various effective ways to discipline children, but none of them involve beating them to the point of death. Hopefully these women will be jailed for a good long time for their actions — as other child abusers have been.

They don’t deserve freedom after what they did.

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Source: conservativetribune.com

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