HORRIFYING: Trump-Hating Thug Tasers Patriot Rescuing Flag at Protest


For the past week, protests and riots have broken out in many major cities across America as a bunch of liberal crybabies have decided that they just can’t accept the results of the 2016 election because they don’t like who won.

At these protests, people have burned the American flag, stomped on it, assaulted police officers, set cars on fire, looted stores and otherwise committed acts of violence, all while chanting “Love trumps hate!”

A video has made the rounds on the internet showing an unnamed man at a Los Angeles protest taking an American flag from one of the protesters who was dragging it on the ground, The Gateway Pundit reported.

Rather than simply letting the man go, the protester decided to chase after this patriotic American, demanding that he return the flag to him, presumably so he could continue to treat it disrespectfully.

After pursuing the man for a minute, the protester then pulled out a Taser and started to use it on the patriot. In the video you can hear the sound of the stun gun as well as the sound of a few punches being thrown.

The man who rescued the flag managed to escape from the psychotic protester and proudly displayed the flag to his camera to show the world that he rescued it successfully.

You can watch the video here. Warning: Video contains graphic language.

These protesters over the past week have been anything but peaceful. Instead of looting and rioting, maybe these triggered snowflakes should actually give Trump a chance before deciding he isn’t their president.

If these people want to hold peaceful protests, that is fine, but they have no right to injure people just because they have a different political viewpoint. That’s not what America is all about.

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Source: conservativetribune.com