Hillary Ignores Rape Of US Journalist In Egypt… Here Are the Details


Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has argued that she is the candidate best suited to address issues faced by American women, but a glimpse into Clinton’s past shows that she is anything but sympathetic to women and their problems.

For example, during Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state, CBS News journalist Lara Logan was brutally beaten and sexually assaulted by at least 200 men in the middle of Cairo, Egypt, as reported by Lifezette..

Yet Egypt faced no repercussions from the United States, and shortly thereafter received millions of dollars in U.S. taxpayers’ money from none other than the Clinton-led State Department.

In February 2011, Logan was the chief foreign correspondent for CBS News and traveled to Cairo to cover the celebrations following the fall of longtime dictator Hosni Mubarak, a U.S. ally.

One night, after broadcasting in the crowd for roughly an hour, she was approached by a large group of men who attacked her, tore off her clothes and raped her in the middle of the street. The group was so large and powerful that even the six men who had accompanied Logan — a cameraman, a security guard, a producer, a translator and two drivers — were unable to get to her.

The attack was so brutal and severe that the journalist later told CBS News she believed was “in the process of dying” as the violent mob tried to rip off chunks of her scalp and raped her, all the while laughing and jeering at her pain and taking pictures of her with their cellphones.

Fortunately — and miraculously — Logan survived, but she was still receiving treatment for her internal injuries as recently as 2015.

The next day, a State Department spokesman was asked about the attack and explained that Clinton was aware of the case, but no specific information was given.

Clinton herself — the self-proclaimed “champion of women” and the person responsible for ensuring that Americans were protected abroad — never made a public comment about Logan’s brutal rape in a foreign country or even called Logan to offer her sympathy.

Instead, just days later, she announced that the U.S. was sending $150 million in taxpayer-funded aid to Egypt in order to “help the nation transition to democracy.” These funds were in addition to the regular $1.3 billion we had been sending its military and another $250 million we had allotted for economic assistance.

Egyptian officials never conducted a serious investigation into the attack, but why would they without any incentive? It’s not like their much-needed U.S. aid was in jeopardy.

Neither Clinton nor anyone else from the U.S. government forced Egypt to bring Logan’s rapists to justice. The then-secretary of state didn’t even shake a finger in Egypt’s direction, even though she could have demanded that aid be suspended until every one of the rapists were hunted down and taken into custody.

But the “champion of women” didn’t do that. She didn’t do anything.

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