Hillary Ignores Question About Democratic Operatives Purposely Sparking Violence At Trump Rallies


Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton held a small press meeting on her campaign plane after Wednesday night’s final presidential debate in Las Vegas, but it ended after a question she didn’t want to answer.

During the question-and-answer session, one reporter asked Clinton about the undercover videos Republican nominee Donald Trump brought up earlier that night which show Democratic operatives discussing ways to commit voter fraud and incite violence at Trump rallies.

Clinton dismissed the question immediately and said that she knew nothing about the reports, abruptly ending the meeting.

“I know nothing about this. I can’t deal with every one of his conspiracy theories,” Clinton said. “I hope you all have something to eat and drink on the way back to New York.”

During the debate, Trump had mentioned Chicago specifically as one of the places where these operatives carried out their work.

“If you look at what came out today on the clips,” Trump said Wednesday, “I was wondering what happened with my rally in Chicago and other rallies where we had such violence. She’s the one, and Obama, that caused the violence. They hired people, they paid them $1,500, and they’re on tape saying, ‘Be violent, cause fights, do bad things.’”

The rally in Chicago Trump is referring to actually ended up being cancelled because of safety concerns after a number of scuffles between supporters and protesters in the arena.

“When I saw what they did, which is a criminal act by the way, where they’re telling people to go out and start fist fights and start violence,” Trump added. “In particular in Chicago people were hurt, and people could’ve been killed in that riot. And that was now all on tape started by her.”

During a rally Tuesday, Trump urged his audience to go online and watch the Project Veritas videos compiled by journalist James O’Keefe.

“Did you see the protesters yesterday? The protesters are paid a lot of money by the DNC, and I kept saying, ‘I wonder why those people are here?’ Because they never seem to have much on their mind other than stand up and protest,” Trump told a crowd in Colorado. “Yesterday, it came out, but it was barely covered by the media, but it’s all over the Internet. They were busted. They were paid $1,500 each. They were given cell phones.”

In the first video O’Keefe released, Scott Foval, one of the Democratic operatives, can be heard saying that he has paid mentally ill people to incite violence, and that the morality of these types of situations didn’t concern him.

“Conflict engagement in the lines at Trump rallies. We’re starting anarchy here,” Foval says at one point. “It doesn’t matter what the legal and ethics people say, we need to win this (expletive).”

The first part of the video series was released Monday and quickly racked up tens of thousands of views on YouTube. O’Keefe has promised to continue releasing more embarrassing videos before Election Day.

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