Hillary Hasn’t Even Gotten to Office, Already Broken “Not 1 Penny” Promise


Throughout the general election, Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton has made several promises regarding what she would do if she is elected on Nov. 8.

Clinton hasn’t even won yet (and hopefully never will) and she has already broken at least one of her campaign promises involving the economy, The Atlantic reported.

Clinton has repeatedly stated that she won’t “add one penny” to the national debt, but her various economic plans say otherwise. Clinton will have to add to the national debt if she wants to carry out her policies like debt-free college — there’s no way she couldn’t.

“She had to have misspoke. The alternative would be absurd,” Dean Baker, a liberal economist, stated. “Clearly, she is going to add to the debt.”

The national debt is already at $19 trillion. Clinton wants to increase spending on infrastructure, various entitlement programs and much more. To pay for those things Clinton would either need to add to the debt, radically cut spending elsewhere or enact some of the largest tax hikes in history.

While Clinton may have intended to refer to the budget deficit, which is entirely different from the national debt, that isn’t what she said, so it has to make you wonder if she really is planning to raise taxes.

“For a candidate to say they have a plan that wouldn’t add a penny to the debt, they’d actually need a plan to save $9 trillion,” explained Maya MacGuineas, the president of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget. “She doesn’t have that, and no one could actually even be expected to have that. We are going to add to the debt.”

Whatever the case, if Clinton is elected, her proposals for more social programs will force taxes to go up, increase the national debt and prolong the country’s economic malaise.

The only hope to prevent this from happening is to get out and vote for Republican nominee Donald Trump on Nov. 8.

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