Where Is Hillary Clinton? Runner Up Refuses to Address Her Supporters


We have not heard from Hillary Clinton as of yet. Her supporters came to the event last night expecting a big victory, but left with nothing.

She refused to come out and give a concession speech, instead sending her surrogate – John Podesta – out to tell the crowd not to give up hope, but to still go home and go to sleep.

Even as the results became clear – and even as Clinton privately called Trump to concede (but waiting until 2:30 a.m. eastern time), she refused to address the crowd:

“Several states are too close to call so we aren’t going to have anything more to say tonight,” Podesta told the crowd, knowing this wasn’t true. “Everybody should head home and get some sleep. We’ll have more to say tomorrow.”

“I want every person in this hall, and across the country, to know that your voices and your enthusiasm means so much,” he continued.

“We are so proud of you, and we are so proud of her. She’s done an amazing job and she is not done yet. So thank you for being with her — she has always been with you.”

The last tweet on her Twitter page was at 9:30 eastern time.

She has said nothing publicly since.

For a woman who is proclaimed the ultimate diplomat and “peacemaker,” one would think she would have the decency to address her adoring fans who waited for hours to hear from her.

But no. She sent out her lackey to tell them to go home.

“Absolute disbelief,” one supporter from New York, Dehmar, told the Washington Examiner. “I dob’t think most of us here even considered this to be a possibility. I don’t want to say it was in the bag, but I don’t think any of us could imagine what a world would be like with Donald Trump as our president.”Perhaps this is why Hillary Clinton deserved to lose – too elitist to even address her own crowd. Too full of herself to be gracious in defeat.

According to The Evening Standard, Clinton had a concession speech ready, but was too upset to give it.

NBC sports writer Craig Calcaterra had it correct:

Hillary Clinton will no longer challenge America again with the failed policies and elitist principles of the past.

And that is how Hillary Clinton lost – not with a bang, but with a whimper.

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Source: thefederalistpapers.org